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Reaching my PC from my office
I have installed the Livebox and everything works fine.
I would like to reach my PC from outside, for example from my office.

I think that Orange assigns non-fixed IP addresses.

Which options do I have?
For this to work you have to know your internet ip adres.
Open the correct ports in your Livebox to the pc you like to access.

But, do you use http or ftp server on this pc?
Did you shared maps on this particular pc?
Or do you completely want to overtake your pc, with f.e. RealVNC?

Need some more info to guide you!

You have a fixed ip adress! Check your ip adress here! --> Wat is mijn IP <--

Socket: xxxx
ForwardIP: 85.xxx.xxx.xxx

The forwardip is your real ip, the adres is a proxy ip. You'll only see this ip if you have set this proxy. "proxy.wanadoo.nl:8080"
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I just tried and with watismijIP I get a IP address like 85.148..
Shall I use this to connect from outside?

Setting the proxy (in Internet explorer) to proxy.wanadoo.nl:8080 results in no site reachable.

I just would like to connect to my PC via http, e.g. to see images taken with a webcam
Gewijzigd door leida1966 op 09 oktober 2006, 22:49
Yes your 85.148.x.x ip is your external ip. Try this plain ip adres, it assumes automatically port 80.

So perhaps you should check your webcamsoftware to see what port is used. If f.e. port 1024 is used try this at your office. 85.148.x.x:1024

After googling on this subject port 80 and 8080 are often mentioned.

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