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Cannot receive calls anymore
In Leidschendam, back from vacation. Can call other people. Internet works. Cannot receive calls. If I try to call my number I hear a message that number does not exist.
What changed during August? Where do I need to make changes? Fritzbox 7490.

There has been a problem last weekend with the registration of SIP accounts but the problem has been solved (likely) last Monday. I also was struck by this failure but everything works again. You can login to your FB and see if your numbers show as registered at 'telephony'. As usual, a restart might help but save the FB log if you want to keep it. We didn't need to change setting on the FB to make it work again.

Er is vorige weekend een storing geweest met de SIP registraties bij Online maar het probleem leek maandag te zijn opgelost. Ik had ook last van dat probleem maar alles werkt nu weer. Je kunt inloggen op jouw FB en kijken onder 'telephony' of jouw nummers worden geregistreerd. Zoals gewoonlijk helpt een herstart van je modem misschien maar sla je FB log op als je die wilt bewaren. We hoefden geen instellingen te wijzigen om de FB weer te laten werken.

My number is registered in FritzBox. Provider is set as en.telio.nl.
I have also another sip number registered via freevoipdeal.

I can call from my number (en.telio.nl). The problem is that I cannot receive calls. If someone calls me it gets a voice message "dit number is niet in verbruik".

Are there separate registrations/passwords for calling out/calling in ?

And I also reset the Fritzbox like 3 times until now. First repair attempt is always to turn it off and then on Smile.
Is your registration the same as in the link under post#10 from blaxid.
Can you check whether you do use en.telio.nl for outgoing calls? You'll find that under telephony --> line settings.
If that number is set to, for example, freevoipdeal, you can call outbound becausevyou call outbound via FVD but if the en.telio.nl SIP number doesn't register, you can't receive a call.
To troubleshoot, you can replace the FB temporarely for the modem you got from Online and see if that solves the problem.
The registration was not as under the post from Blaxid. The number was starting with 0031 and "always register via internet connection" was not checked. I changed them but nothing changed.
I verified that the numbers dialed go via en.telio.nl.
I made a call and looked at freevoip history - it did not appear so it was not via them. I also deleted freevoip and could still call. Also there is a green check at the right of the en.telio.nl number so it is registered.

There is no telephony related event in the system log since reset. In the past the only telephony related events were that "freevoip server cannot be reached" - for when my credit expired, so it appears that only errors are logged.

Replacing the FB with the modem from Online won't solve the problem - I put the FB before the switch to telio so the modem from online will have the old configuration.

So I can still call but persons calling me get "nummer niet in verbruik".

Are there separate servers/passwords for outgoing sip and incoming sip ?
If the FB shows a green dot, the registration indeed is succesful. I don't have a telphone number from Online (en.telio.nl) anymore and I replaced the modem from Online with FB. As far as I know, you don't need separate servers/pass for in and/or outgoing sip. In the en.telio.nl settings from my FB, username was just my phone number (10 digits) without 0031 (like 0201234567). I don't know wether Online changed that.
I wrote a mail to online support. I'll also call tomorrow. They can look in the logs at their side to see what happens. I just hope they won't give me the "modem is unsupported" crap. Sad
I will post when it is solved. In the meantime if anyone has an idea what could be done ... Helpless
Ok. Good luck tomorrow!
I assume that everything worked fine in the same setup before you went on holidays. In that case, you should be able to get your FB working again. It is strange that VOIP out does work via en.telio.nl but VOIP in doesn't. I hope it will be solved soon!
First answer to my e-mail was that I appear to have a different modem. I replied that I need the settings for their modem and I will translate them myself for the FritzBox. There was no answer to this email but after 3 days the phone started working.
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