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Unable to send mails
Since last week I'm unable to send any mails. Not only does Orange block port 25 to smtp servers outside of their network, now they started blocking access to their own smtp server smtp.orange.nl as well.

Than of course phoning them and/or sending mails (via the webform) is completly useless because their helpdesk is
a. always right
b. unbelievable incompetent and not even able to understand what you tell them
c. the only answer from 6 different people from their helpdesk so far: I'm sorry, I can not help you.

This is what I call a nicew april fools day joke.
A quick first respond, others more competent than me will take over! Wink

Change your smtp server smtp.orange.nl to smtp server smtp.wanadoo.nl

This is the old smtp server, but functions better.
Kies BBcode image, plak in handtekening.

Excellent advise, that worked.

Thanks a lot

BTW the problem is not the SMT server, it is the firewall dropping the packets, I don't even get to smtp.orange.nl

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