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From quick to slow till a halt speed
Hey guys,

Sorry to write in English but my dutch is not the best! I also posted this message in another group but I think it was not the most appropriate... newby mistake.

My livebox which has been working fine for many months decided to behave strangely on me! Lately I need to restart the livebox every 10 minutes... during which the connection speed starts quick and drops to a halt around 10 minutes later.

Simple facts.. the ADSL diagnosis tells me that the download stream is 6000 Kb (when I'm paying for 20.000 Kb) and the upload stream is 1000 Kb.
CRC error count is firing up like a rocket.... I get like 1000 CRC errors in 1 minute... is this normal ?

When the connection is halted, I try to use Livebox's diagnosis ping (in the web console) to ping an external website like google... I get no response (100% packets lost). I can however ping all the devices inside my network properly. I can ping the same external hosts successfully after rebooting the livebox

This has been pissing me off now and I don't know if it's my Livebox that has been damaged with a thunderstorm last week, or if something else is happening.

My setup: Livebox with no wireless hosting my connection. To this livebox, I have attached a wireless router configured to act as a passive switch. My laptop accesses through the wireless router. They're all in the same network

I have tried using the livebox directly with my laptop through the USB cable but the same speed problem applies Angry

I read somewhere I can have trouble with nearby electromagnetic devices (but I haven't changed anything in my house for months).. anyone else experiencing recent speed problems ?

Many thanks,

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Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol

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Many others on this forum where experiencing the same problems, and their solution was a new power supply(adapter)

Possibly there is something wrong in the physical connection between your KPN junkbox and the livebox.

1000 CRC errors in one minute isn't that good no Pfft

What you can do first is that you take the power supply from the livebox out of the outlet so that it can cool off, for let's say 1 hour. Then plug it back in en see if your connection stays up longer dan normal (30min instead of 10min Wink )
If that's the case than most likely the adapter has been damaged resulting in a bad dsl connection...
Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol

Voor al je Windows en PC problemen kun je terecht op [url]www.xpvista.nl[/url
I have bought a new power supply and it works like a charm now!! Sweeeeeet!! I got my 20Mb download rate on the ADSL statistics again and no CRC errors....

Thanks a lot guys!!! You're the best! Grin

Nice !
Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol

Voor al je Windows en PC problemen kun je terecht op [url]www.xpvista.nl[/url
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