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Admin web interface move to a different port
Hello. I want to use port 80 for port forwarding so I wanted to move the admin interface of the router to a different port (say, 8080). The manual says it's doable via "Remote Management" screen under Maintainance menu. However, I cannot find it there. When I login to router via SSH, help command lists, among others, the "rmtmgmt" command but it's not available.
UPDATE: I have tried export & save configuration, found the privileges section there which did not list anything resembling "remote management" there for the "admin" user. I tried to add "remoteManagement" privilege to the list (by pure guess). Unfortunately, it did not work. Moreover, with the new configuration file, the ADSL connection was lost, I had to recover to factory defaults in order to have internet back.

Guys from Online, is it at all normal that I cannot host a simple homepage on my home computer and make it available worldwide? I mean, its not that I'm gonna run Facebook ;-) I'm pretty sure that the cause for it is that the firmware was modified and certain functions like "remote management configuration" were made unavailable.
So much help here... Couldn't ask for more
same problem here:

$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Login: admin
> ?

> rmtmgmt
telnetd:error:278.333:processInput:544:unrecognized command rmtmgmt

looks like it's disabled in the current firmware
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